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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
435-615-8670 fax
Park City, UT

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Investment Banking

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PowerHour®, LLC provides its clients investment banking consulting services with in-depth industry knowledge and contacts in the following sectors:

  • Corporate Housing & Serviced Apartments
  • Apartment Locator Services
  • Property Management Vendor/Supplier Companies
  • Property Management Companies
  • Sales & Service Companies

We provide the following corporate financial advisory services to both private and public companies:

  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services
    • Selling a corporate housing company, division or product line.
      • Developing marketing materials that appropriately position the corporate housing company
      • Identifying strategic and financial buyers for your corporate housing business
    • Growth through merger or acquisition
      • Determining if your corporate housing company can use merger and acquisition transactions to achieve your business objectives
      • Identifying potential acquisition candidates for your corporate housing company
      • Leading a due diligence review of potential merger targets
    • Negotiating, structuring and closing a merger or acquisition transaction
  • Structured Finance
    • Determining your corporate housing company's capital needs
    • Raising private equity capital for your corporate housing company
    • Raising private debt capital for your corporate housing company
    • Raising financing to complete an acquisition
    • Financial restructuring of your corporate housing business
  • Business Valuations
    • Fairness opinions
    • Equity valuations
    • Valuation of a division or product line
  • Strategic Financial Advice
    • Evaluating your corporate housing company's overall strategic and financial objectives
    • Creating financial projections for your corporate housing business
    • Exit strategies
    • Employee buy-outs
    • Transitions between generations

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PowerHour® is a thought-leader in executive recruiting services, investment banking consulting services, corporate housing training, corporate housing webinars and group co-op buying services for our corporate housing clients around the world. PowerHour® excels at delivering search engine optimization {SEO}, search engine marketing {SEM}, 64 steps for website, social media and digital success, a 30 point website evaluation and lead conversion success for our clients. Since 1995 PowerHour® has been the industry leader, the author of the SmartMatch Alliances book, research analyst of Internet Marketing PowerHour White Papers and the founder of the PowerHour® Sales Academy. Find out about new hire training. Follow us on Facebook® plus Twitter® and connect with us on LinkedIn®.

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