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PowerHour® Thinking Big
For Property Management Professionals & Leaders

Thinking Big is about growing your property management revenues, fees, profits and success by 10X, 20X and 50X! It’s about Thinking Big, Playing Big---and Winning!

Our PowerHour team has had the privilege of coaching and advising some of the finest professionals in our industry since 1995---in 11 time zones around the world, who are at the top of our property management sector, leading and setting the pace. Each of clients are unique in their styles, temperaments, goals and desires. And they all have some very similar and common denominators.

Here are the 7 common denominators of the dynamic property management leaders we guide/advise around the world and their success with Thinking Big leadership:

think big - grow revenues

I am interested in: (check boxes below)

Buying a PM franchise

Selling a PM franchise

Making a PM acquisition

Selling my PM company

A valuation of my PM company

A financial analysis of my real estate assets

An asset disposition

A PM referral to manage my assets

Joining the weekly Property Management Leadership Academy

Adding ancillary income to my bottom line

SEO/SEM website services

18 business development strategies

15 areas for presentation success

Buying a PM franchise

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Why are you interested in learning more about powerhour services

#1.  They have a strong desire to excel.

#2.  They embrace and focus on their strengths and are aware of their areas of growth and blind spots.

#3.  They set S.M.A.R.T goals!  With a focus on G.R.A.C.E. [Growing Revenue & Controlling Expenses]

#4.  They are aware of their Critical Success Factors and their KPIs.

#5.  They have a “growth” mindset as opposed to a “fixed” mindset.  And they understand Root Cause.

#6.  They delegate effectively, leveraging the 4 Ds.

#7.  They live in gratitude!

Focused on Thinking Big, here are 10 winning strategies for 10X, 20X and 50X new growth, revenues and success!

#1.  Franchise Options

Within our property management sector we have identified sterling franchise opportunities for those wanting a turn-key business model.  A property management franchise opportunity includes:

Strong name and brand recognition, giving you a competitive advantage
Standardized software and support for managing single family homes, multifamily apartments, HOAs and commercial real estate
Consistent initial training and ongoing business training/support
Marketing, sales and business development strategies
Top-shelf guidance for making presentations and proposals
Lease and legal agreements plus checklists, tools and templates for easy use/access
Territory exclusivity, contractually secure
A business asset that can be sold for a premium, on the day you are ready to sell your franchisee

To hear more about how to join a property managment franchise, we encourage you to listen to our CEO thought-leadership webcasts below:

*** Exploring Opportunities in Property Management Franchises ***

*** Strategies for Thinking Big and Winning in Property Management ***

Below is a LinkedIn discussion about the questions to ask if joining a property management franchise is the right fit for you.

*** Joining PM Franchise ***

To learn more, please complete the form on the right-hand side of the page, above.

. . .

#2.  Acquisitions

Acquiring your direct market/sector competitors is the single fastest way to grow your property management revenues 10X, 20X and 50X.  Our coaching/guidance includes:

How to identify your A level acquisition targets
Market research needed for each A level acquisition target
How to make initial contact and how to structure acquisition conversations
The steps for in-person meetings, plus required acquisition due diligence
Pricing/valuing the acquisition and the use of creative acquisition financing and deal making
The real value of acquisitions---which few see and understand
Helping you sell your property management company, on the day you are ready to sell
A business valuation of your current property management company, for strategic planning

To learn more, please complete the form on the right-hand side of the page, above.

. . .

#3.  Financial Analysis

We provide financial analysis of individual assets for buyers, operators and owners. Our financial analysis includes:

Phase 1 rent roll analysis
P/L review and analysis
NOI review and analysis
Ancillary income recommendations for immediate implementation

To learn more, please complete the form on the right-hand side of the page, above.

. . .

#4.  Asset Disposition

Assets you own or control remain within a portfolio for a period of time before they are ready for sale or a change in disposition.  This could include a transfer or sale to an un-related third party, to a related-party or group or family members. Structuring a disposition requires high quality financial and tax planning. Along with your accountancy professionals, we can assist by providing expert insight into valuations, financial structures and best practices regarding dispositions.

Preliminary assessment of market value
Financial analysis of before and after anticipated results for each party
Recommendation for appropriate levels of financing to meet intended outcomes
Managerial structure at the asset level

To learn more, please complete the form on the right-hand side of the page, above.

. . .

#5.  Referral Request

We provide property management referrals and recommendations across 300+ cities and markets. Our referrals include:

Direct contact with top property management companies in the city/market where you need assistance
A referral to property management companies who are specialist in the management of multifamily, single-family, HOA and/or commercial real estate assets

To learn more, please complete the form on the right-hand side of the page, above.

. . .

#6.  Live Weekly PowerHour Property Management Leadership Academy

Come join our live weekly PowerHour Property Management Leadership Academy focused on G.R.A.C.E. [Grow Revenue & Control Expenses].

Implement the 21 best ways to control expenses and create more profitability for your property management company
Learn and deploy the 18 best ways to develop great new prospects for those in need of your property management services and to expand your successful business development
Create and use the 15 most important areas to include in every presentation---when meeting with a prospective new client who wants to engage your property management services
Lead those on your direct/internal property management team and also, how to best inspect-what-you-expect from your external vendors/suppliers
Control your business expenses---helping you and your team deploy industry-tested strategies and an understanding of how property management companies benefit from significant costs savings and industry best practices. This includes implementing cost savings through the proactive use of technology, benchmarking, JIT, KANBAN, internal and external inventory control, marginal costs analysis, re-purposing, cross-training, vendor selection, RFPs, theft avoidance, internal and external audits and an overt conscientious use of resources

 Access is only available to one property management company per city/area.

To learn more, click here.

. . .

#7. Ancillary Income

Our PowerHour® Ancillary Income 15-Point Audio Course provides in-depth detail on how to implement the strategies for immediate income to the bottom line of your property management company, specific to multifamily apartment rental housing.

The formula for Ancillary Income is:
More monthly revenue generated + higher resident retention = less resident turnover
and more monthly profitability

This 15-point audio course provides in-depth detail on how to implement the strategies for immediate income to your bottom line and includes:

What are industry best practices for straight fee income, referral fees and fees for services
How can you implement creative and smart new streams of revenue [think…onsite/website merchant advertising, concierge services, onsite storage, short-term furnished rentals and related referral fees, appliance rentals and more]
What does it take to negotiate industry contracts like a pro [think…cable/Internet, WiFi, laundry, submetering & RUBS, insurance and more]
  How can you gain from the insight of coast-to-coast industry best practices tied to expected, consistent and customary fees [think…applications, lease-breaks, late fees, pets, move-in fees, parking and security deposits/forfeitures]

To purchase this 15-point audio course, click here.

. . .

#8.  Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization of your property management website is an art and a science. And what you see with your eyes when you are looking at your property management website is not what the search engines like Google and BING® see.

Our PowerHour® SEO/SEM services include:

A team of web experts that understand and work every day with property management websites like yours
A free website evaluation of your search engine visibility.  We dissect your property management website piece-by-piece and explain how we can help you drive new property management revenue from your website and bring new prospects who want/need your property management services and will pay your management fees
Exclusivity. Our search engine optimization services (SEO) and search engine marketing services (SEM) is provided to only one property management company per area/city. A waiting list is available for those wanting services in the same area/city

To see the 19 proprietary steps it takes to optimize a property management website for maximum search engine visibility, click here.

. . .

#9.  Business Development, 18 Winning Strategies

This 2-part, 18-CD audio course covers the 18 most important strategies for your business development, to attract and gain new clients for your property management service, which includes:

The power and use of LinkedIn, lead sharing groups and strategic SmartMatch Alliances l
The secrets for leveraging your participation in the professional associations you are a member of
Learning the difference between Centers of Influence, Circles of Influence and how to create an endless stream of leads and referrals for your property management company
The importance of a business development dashboard, SPIN sales coaching and the key to Staying In The No, To Move Back To Yes

To purchase this 2-part, 18-CD audio course, click here.

. . .

#10.  Presentation Success:  15 Key Areas To Cover In Every New Client Presentation

What are the 15 most important areas to include in every presentation---when meeting with a prospective new client who wants to engage your property management services?

During this 8-CD audio-course, learn how you can quickly:

  Close 100% of the prospects who are a perfect fit for your property management company.
  Earn premium management fees, more than you are earning today.
Showcase your U.S.P. tailored to your specific focus of property management for single-family  homes, multifamily apartments, HOAs and/or commercial real estate.
  Tailor each presentation to your service strengths, showcasing those on your team plus your proprietary vendor/supplier resources and specialties.
  Anticipate objections while you are presenting the 15 most important areas in your presentation.
  Learn the power and use of case studies.
  Give a presentation that is miles above your direct property management competitors.  

To purchase this audio course, click here.


PowerHour® is a thought-leader in executive recruiting services, search engine optimization {SEO}, search engine marketing {SEM}, national WiFi , national real estate building insurance, utility bill auditing , employee policy manuals, social media strategic solutions, affordable housing LinkedIn® professional networking groups and investment banking consulting services and books and courses for our property management clients around the world. We deliver training on winning strategies for new growth, revenues and success in these areas: franchise options, acquisitions, buying and selling property management companies or real estate assets, financial analysis, asset disposition, referral requests, business development strategies and presentation success. Since 1995 PowerHour is the industry leader and author of the SmartMatch Alliances book, offers a 15-point audio course on ancilliary income and runs/moderates the largest property management LinkedIn® professional networking groups in the world with 130,000+ leaders sharing cutting edge industry knowledge. PowerHour® writes a regular, monthly column for 200+ industry apartment associations since 1995 and is the founder of the PowerHour® Leadership Academy. Follow us on Facebook® plus Twitter® and connect with us on LinkedIn®.

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