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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
435-615-8670 fax
Park City, UT

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SmartMatch Alliances Book

When You Enter The World Of SmartMatch Alliances™ You Will Open The Door To Extraordinary Business Growth And Success.

This page gives you the opportunity to:

1. Find out more about and purchase the SmartMatch Alliances book as well as seeing the back cover and taking the Alliance-Ability Checklist.

2. Request a free sample chapter

3. Find out about the companion to the book — the SmartMatch Alliances journal, a $9.95 value — our gift to you from PowerHour when you purchase the book.

4. Complete the Alliance-Ability Checklist

1. The SmartMatch Alliances Book
Learn how you can quickly:
  • Charge more for your property management products/services, earn more and have more fun!
  • Attract better property management prospects for your industry products/services - in greater numbers - faster than ever before!
  • Learn a no-nonsense process for maximizing your alliance results!

    By purchasing our book (mailed directly to you) and our SmartMatch Alliances journal (delivered via E-mail as a PDF file) you can break through the clutter and connect directly with property management buyers and high-potential prospects. This is a means of attracting more property management clients, new revenue streams, and prospects than you've ever imagined and you will:
  • Learn from like-minded people and companies in the property management vendor/supplier sector
  • Establish a strong, memorable brand for yourself, your property management vendor/supplier company and your industry products/services
  • Create a business-building strategy that's low- to no-risk and always win-win - one in which the only limits are your own imagination, creativity, and energy.

    See and read the back cover.

    To your left you can see an image of the front cover. Please click here or on the image to your left to open a new window to see and read the back cover. Close this window to return to this page.


Click on the button below and you will be taken to the secure online shopping cart where you can purchase the book with your credit card or through your PayPal account.

After you have purchased the book you will return to this page where you can submit a form to request your free chapter and journal.

2. Please submit the form below if you would you like to:
  • Receive a free sample chapter and/or
  • Receive your free copy of the SmartMatch Alliances journal, a $9.95 value — our gift to you from PowerHour after you have purchased the book.
    Your Name:*
    Your Company Name:*
    Your Title-Position:*
    E-mail Address:*
    Your Website:
    City: *
    State: *
    Number Of Employees In Your Company:
    Best Telephone Number To Reach You:
    Yes, I would like to receive a free sample chapter. Please check box.
    I have purchased the book and I would like to receive
    my free copy of the SmartMatch Alliances journal.
    Please check box.

    3. The SmartMatch Alliances Journal

    We created this SmartMatch Alliances journal as a companion workbook to our book SmartMatch Alliances™.

    When you submit the form above you will receive your free copy of the SmartMatch Alliances journal, a $9.95 value ­ our gift to you from PowerHour after you have purchased the book.

    This SmartMatch Alliances journal is a place to record your notes and ideas, and to track your progress in building SmartMatch Alliances.

    Maximize the effectiveness and power of your SmartMatch Alliances by working carefully through each of the pages, checklists and forms we have provided in this SmartMatch Alliances journal.

    4. Complete The Alliance-Ability Checklist.
    Find out if you are alliance-able! or if you have some work to do. Click here to complete this checklist.
    Want to learn more? Send an E-mail or call us at 435-615-8486.

    Two free educational webcasts: Listen to a webcast focused on Selecting Sterling Industry Suppliers and Vendors to sell more of your industry products/services to property management companies plus listen to a webcast on tips for Creating Vendor Relationships That Build Purchasing Power.


    PowerHour® is a thought-leader in coaching, training, executive recruiting services, webcasts, search engine optimization {SEO}, affordable housing LinkedIn® professional networking groups, search engine marketing {SEM}, and investment banking consulting services for our property management sales vendors/suppliers around North America and understands how to best sell your products/services to the property management industry. Since 1988 PowerHour has been the industry leader and author of the SmartMatch Alliances book and runs/moderates the largest property management vendor LinkedIn® professional networking groups in the world with 130,000+ leaders sharing cutting edge industry knowledge. PowerHour® writes a regular, monthly column for 200+ industry apartment assocations since 1995 and is the founder of the PowerHour® Sales Academy. Follow us on Facebook® plus Twitter® and connect with us on LinkedIn®.


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