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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
435-615-8670 fax
Park City, UT

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Monthly Webinars
For Publishing And Media/Advertising Companies

Each month, publishing and advertising expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour and Jedd Gould, CEO of MediaBids.com, meet for a free webinar that includes publishing companies, media professionals and their advertising sales teams. Register for the next PowerHour webinar at this url:
[ http://marketing.mediabids.com/seminar/TeleSeminarReg.html ]

For the last 200+ months — monthly PowerHour webinars are filled with publishing leaders, media professionals and their advertising sales teams — those who care about the industry — and those who want to succeed professionally. The goal of each PowerHour webinar is to facilitate connections between industry leaders, to help you improve your professional development/skills and to serve as a learning resource for our publication, media and advertising sales sector. During each webcast industry questions are being asked/answered, emerging/leading trends are discussed that are impacting our industry economically, sales and marketing strategies are shared and Internet marketing updates are given.

To listen to these PowerHour webinar, right-click the webinar titles below and select "Save Link or Save Target As" to save locally. Then open the file from the location you saved it. Please note that the downloading times may vary depending upon the type of audio player and/or connection you are using. You can also click on the links to listen to them and use your browser's BACK BUTTON to return to this page.

And after each PowerHour webinar— join our LinkedIn® professional networking services group below — to access the discussion forum about the most recent webinar.

62 Advertising Revenue Forecasts
62 Advertising Sales KPIs
60 Facts Versus Fiction
59 The Future of Print Advertising
58 Selling with Tear-downs
57 Benchmarking Builds Strong Teams
56 Editorial Drives More Advertising?
55 Pre-Meeting Research Sells Ads?
54 Advertising Works...Prove It
53 Knowledge is Power
52 Your Most Difficult Selling Obstacles
51 Three Ways To Increase Advertising Sales Revenue Immediately
50 Increasing Your 2012 Rate Card
49 Dashboard = Success
48 Leveraging Online Tools to Sell Print Ads
47 Smart Compensation Plans
46 Getting Renewals with Grace
45 Publication Thought-Leadership
44 Selling with a Media Comparison
43 Publications Learning From Groupon
42 Strategies for Growing Online Revenue
41 Budget Selling Season
40 Why Buyers Buy, Part Two
39 Print Advertising Results --- What Works And What Doesn't
38 Steps For Buying/Selling A Publication
37 Growing Your Online Revenue
36 Mining Your Sector
35 Leveraging Your Distribution/Circulation Sales Success
34 Why Buyers Buy
33 Growing Publication Revenue And Readership With Social Media
32 My Ad Isn't Working
31 Maximize Your Sales Database
30 Pay For Performance Ad Sales
29 Driving Website Revenue
28 Seven Sales Strategies For Success
27 Lead Sharing = Smart New Revenue
26 Website Design Creates Smart Revenue Growth
25 Your Sales E-newsletter---It Matters!
24 Your Toughest Sales Objections
23 Seven Success Strategies
22 Budgeting in a Stormy Economy
21 Selling Your Top Ten Prospects
20 Pay-For-Performance Ad Sales, Part Two
19 How to Maximize Your Distribution/Circulation Sales Presentations
18 Sales Management Excellence!
17 Your Most Challenging Sales Objections!
16 Forming Alliances with Industry Associations
15 Territory Management...Like a Pro!
14 Building Smart Compensation Plans
13 Pay-For-Performance Ad Sales
12 Finding Non-Traditional Revenue
11 Selling with a Media Comparison
10 How to Merchandise Your Rate Card
9 My Competition is Discounting from Their Rate Card
8 Shifts in the Way Ads Are Being Bought
7 The Buying and Selling of Publishing Companies
6 Website Marketing + Powerful Print Packages!
5 How To Make this year...Your Best Year Ever!
4 How to Crack Your Most Difficult Prospects ...with Ease!
3 How to Sell into Ad Agencies ...and Win!
2 How to Recruit, Interview and Hire Publishing Superstars
1 How to Sell More Ad Pages & Power Negotiating Skills for Publishing Professionals

PowerHour® is a thought-leader in coaching, training, executive recruiting, webinars, web strategies and investment banking consulting services for our publishing companies and their advertising sales teams. Plus, we provide distribution services and software, web strategies and competitive analysis and are the author of the SmartMatch Alliances book. Since 1986 PowerHour has been a publishing profession leader and has coached/guided leading publications around the world since 1995 and is the founder of the PowerHour® Sales Academy. Follow us on Facebook® plus Twitter® and connect with us on LinkedIn®.

And after each PowerHour webinar— join our LinkedIn® professional networking services group below — to access the discussion forum about the most recent webinar.


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