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Ernest F. Oriente of Power Hour®

Ernest F. Oriente
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Park City, UT

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200+ Publishing Coaching Articles

What have we noticed in over 29,000 hours of coaching? Some common threads appear and re-appear among a wide variety of publishing clients, large and small, from around the world. These common issues and challenges are the basis for our list of publishing coaching topics. These topics, and others which can be custom-designed for you and your publishing company/organization, are a foundation of the following programs: publishing TeleForums, Training, Group Coaching, Distance Learning, Train-The-Trainer, and Private Coaching. We have organized these publishing coaching topics into five major categories, which we call the Five Ps: People; Product/Service; Profits; Progress; and Process.

  1. The most important assets of any publishing company are its People. Here are a few samples of our publishing coaching topics relating to People: assessments, career transition, coaching skills, compensation, motivation, training, mentoring, and employees: hiring, retention and termination.

  2. Products/Services are the mainstay of every publishing company. Here are a few samples of our publishing coaching topics relating to Products/Services: pricing, quality, value, effortless marketing, competitive positioning, sales strategies, guest/client service and presentations.

  3. We constantly seek to maximize the Profits of our publishing clients. Here are a few samples of our publishing coaching topics relating to Profits: collections, cash flow, revenue growth, profitability, budgeting, business plans, forecasting, sales management, buying/selling a company and new profit centers.

  4. Progress is the place in our publishing coaching where we help our clients to move forward and define their future. Here are a few samples of our publishing coaching topics relating to Progress: technology, strategic planning, vision, business trends and alliances.

  5. With our publishing clients, we have defined the Processes that lead to Profitability and Progress. Here are a few samples of our publishing coaching topics relating to Processes: databases, newsletters, leveraging E-mail, web strategies, marketing tools, successful meetings and referral engines.
If you would like to see a full, detailed list of 200+ publishing coaching topics send an E-mail to our autoresponder:

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